John Lobb St Crépin 2008 Limited Edition- Mink Lord Calf

John Lobb Limited Edition 2008 St Crépin masterpiece is an expression of what seperate the Boys from the Men. This shoe has been made with a particular focus on the details. 
         The John Lobb Limited Edition 2008 shoe features thicker stitching at the captoe and around the throat.  John Lobb crafted the John Lobb 2008 shoe to Prestige standards - The bootmaker "prides itself on using only single pieces of full-grain leather, which have spent more than six months at the tannery, in the production of its footwear. The skins then spend another 40 hours undergoing 190 manufacturing steps—more than any other shoemaker uses—in the hands of craftsmen, who shape them into the distinctive, blemish-free designs that define the John Lobb Prestige label."Shoes do have a R stamped inside.

Sale includes Box and dustbags.

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